What's Volup'D?  Volup was a term used during the mid-century by fashion houses to describe their extended sizes.  It was short for voluptuous. Sounts much better than plus size, doesn't it?  Volup'D is a service where MDD takes a garment that is too small for you and expands it with creativity!  Not all garments are a good candidate for this service though.  Side zippers, extensive boning, overlays, intricate design details can all prove to either be a challenge or exclude the ability to perform this service.  Also, as a general rule, a garment can only be expanded by 2 dress sizes.  Any more than that and the structure of the garment will be disproportionate.  This service will not just make your garment bigger!  It WILL change the look of your garment.  Maybe a little, maybe a lot.  

Please make an appointment for a free consultation! Fees start at $60 for this service.  Please note that if your garment can be expanded with the use of the original seam allowance, the fees are the same as the 'take in' fees listed in alterations.