This one is fun!  This is where we take a modern styled garment and refashion it to look like a vintage style!  Have a dress that you love the print, but the cut screams its from 2 years ago?  Can't find a reproduction blouse in your size or the style you want?  Desperately want a 49'r jacket, but can never find one in a colorway you like? We can solve that!  Add something here, cut something there, change a fastener, add a design detail and boom! You have what you were looking for!  We can use something you already have or we can find a modern garment together that will give us a good start to what you are looking for.  An example of this service is changing a men's dress shirt into a vintage style ladies blouse or using an oversized, fleece lined flannel shirt and turning it into a cropped jacket with a waistband.   

Please make an appointment for a free consultation!  Fees start at $50 for this service