Tailor'D by Miss D'Meanor Designs

Introducing new services by Miss D'Meanor Designs (aka Jo)!  We have a wide range of services available for all your vintage and reproduction clothing needs!

Have a dress that doesn't quite fit?  Maybe its a hem that has just given up.  What about that 60 year old mystery stain?  Did you bend over to hear your skirt just added some unexpected ventilation? We have a service for you! 

Simple alterations & repairs generally have a 2 week turn around time.  Specialty services such as Re-Vintag'D, Vintag'D, and Volup'D have many variables that will impact the timeline.  It is safe to assume that a minimum of 3 months will be needed for these.  A more accurate quote will be given at the time of consultation. 

 Any service that requires staff to take your measurements prior to being conducted will have to make a free consultation appointment with Jo.  

* MDD is dedicated to keeping clothing out of our landfills.  We use donor clothing whenever possible, which is 95% of the time.  Donor clothing may be vintage that is no longer salvageable in its entirety or thrifted modern clothing that is a good fabric match.  We will purchase new fabric if we are unable to locate a donor garment for your project.  All interior pocket replacements and additions are exclusively made with donor clothing.  We can color match or put in a fun surprise print!  The only exception to this is if the pocket is externally visible on the garment.


The fine print....

- MDD is currently only altering or conducting stain removal on vintage or reproduction vintage clothing at this time.  MDD is not servicing modern styled clothing (unless you want it Vintag'D!).


- MDD does not alter blazers, suit coats, some outerwear or leather at this time. 


- MDD will NOT size down true Volup vintage (defined by MDD as at least a 40" bust and 30" waist or the equivalent of a modern size large).  Adding darts or nipping a waist for fit purposes will be done, but MDD will not alter down Volup vintage by entire dress sizes.  There is an enormous amount of vintage clothing available for modern day sizes extra small to medium, but Volup true vintage is hard to find, which also makes it generally more expensive as well.  MDD feels we have an ethical obligation to leave Volup pieces intact for those who truly need its original size. 


- MDD is a one gal show so she takes in work on a limited basis. She has a demanding day job that often has erratic hours so she doesn't want to overbook herself at the expense of disappointing a client.  She is also not accepting any rush jobs (within 2 weeks of needing the garment) unless its a simple alteration and only with prior approval.  


- Clients who require services other than stain removal, simple mending or standard alterations (hemming for example) must arrange for an appointment with MDD.  This is to ensure proper measurements are taken along with a clear understanding of what is expected.


- A Terms & Conditions form must be signed prior to any work being conducted on any garment, regardless whether it is vintage or reproduction. 


- You are strongly encouraged to wear the undergarments you plan to wear with the garment that is being altered when coming in for the initial consultation so proper measurements can be taken.  Failure to do so may result in the garment not fitting correctly and is not the responsibility of MDD.  


- A thorough inspection of the garment will be taken at the time of drop off to include photos.