To Glove or Not To Glove....the age old question

I'm often asked variations of the following questions...

Should I wear gloves with this dress?

What length glove should I wear with this dress?

When do you take off your gloves?

I'm asked often enough that I thought I should write a little blog about glove etiquette!


Lets start with when you should wear gloves

- Always.  When recreating a vintage look, gloves were just another part of your outfit.  They were worn while shopping, driving, at parties, church, and weddings.  So basically, whenever you left the house, you had gloves on.  


Now, more importantly, when should you take your gloves off?

- When you are eating, drinking, smoking, applying makeup or playing cards. 

- At informal events (parties at a friend's home for example), gloves can be removed upon arrival and left with your coat or affixed to your purse.

- With the exception of meeting the President, First Lady or some other high ranking official, gloves should remain on in a receiving line or when shaking hands. 


Basic Etiquette

- Upon being seated at the dining table, remove gloves and place them in your lap.

- If indulging in passed hors d'oeuvres, remove one glove.

- Only bracelets should be worn over gloves.  All other jewelry, including watches, should be under your gloves.


Ok, now what kind of gloves should you wear?

For the daytime or at informal events

- Wrist length gloves are always appropriate.  Gauntlet length (forearm length) are also acceptable, especially with a driving glove or paired with a stylish metropolitan outfit. 

- Can be cotton, nylon, crocheted, or leather.  Colors and embellishments such as lace or embroidery are perfectly acceptable. 


For evening or formal events

- The length depends on your dress.  The shorter the sleeves, the longer the gloves. 

- When attending an evening event that is not formal enough for long gloves, such as dinner with friends at a restaurant, wrist length gloves are perfectly acceptable. 

- Neutrals such as white, ivory and taupe pair with a lighter colored dress.

- Black gloves can be paired with a black gown, dark or brightly colored dresses.  

- Elbow or opera length gloves should only be donned or removed privately or discreetly. 


In summary, yes, you should wear gloves.  Short gloves during the day that coordinate with your outfit and either short or long gloves depending on the type of event, in the evening.  If you aren't eating, drinking, smoking, putting on makeup or playing poker, keep your gloves on.  Hope this helps and remember, Dupree's Vintage has many gloves in stock for your daytime or evening ensembles!




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