"So what's up with your store hours?"

We often get comments on our store hours.  We are currently open Wednesday through Friday from 4pm until 7pm and Saturday from 10am until 6pm.  We plan on being open one Sunday a month starting in January as well.

But why do we have such short hours?  That answer is simple.  For the most part, this is a one woman operation with a shop gal that fills in when needed and that one woman has a full time day job that is high stress and demanding of her time.  That one woman is me, Jo.  Sundays are my only true 'off day' and Mondays/Tuesdays are supposed to be my evenings off to get my day to day stuff done, such as housework, shopping, hobbies, etc, but more often than not, I'm out driving around with my teenage son as he preps to take his driver's test, adding inventory onto our website or other sales platforms, sewing client clothing, working overtime at the day job or just about anything else but what I should be or want to be doing.  

So long story short, we have abbreviated hours so I can have some time to myself, even if its working on stuff for the shop. As I tweak operations and when the algorithm gods take pity on me so I can figure out the perfect system, we might be able to add staff and expand our hours, but until then, shop online and stop in when we are open!


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