Don't worry, this isn't a man bashing post.  Its about men's vintage clothing and the scarcity of sourcing it.  Here's my theory.  I've noticed that my husband, who is a mechanic by trade, will wear his clothing until it is literally falling apart and/or completely stained.  Have you every noticed if you go to a thrift store there are at least a dozen rows of women's clothing and maybe 3 of men's?  So my theory is men through the decades haven't changed much and are just like my husband.  Y'all wear it until we snatch it away and turn it into a dust rag!

So what does that mean?  Finding men's vintage clothing is difficult at best and often, when I locate it, it is priced accordingly (aka expensive).  This is exactly why I have decided to start bringing in reproduction vintage style men's clothing.  I'm rather picky though.  I feel it should blend nicely with the vintage finds we have so all of the reproduction that I intend to bring in will have an authentic appearance to it.  You won't find bowling shirts covered in pinup girls but you might find a pair of trousers with low belt loops and deep pleats.  

Based on my research, this might be a slow process.  Mainly because the vendors that do this style well also tend to not do wholesale or are bespoke.  I have found a British mod style vendor I really like and I should be receiving samples very soon.  I'm always on the hunt though, so if you see authentic looking reproduction out there that you think I should carry in the shop, please reach out to me at and let me know or share a link! 

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